Boxee Box to ship first half 2010 with sub-$200 price tag

By Matthew ยท 8 replies
Jan 5, 2010
  1. Although the Boxee Box has already been partially detailed, the company officially took the wraps off today at CES. As expected, D-Link is signed on to manufacturer the media-streamer, and it should land with a price under $200.

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  2. compdata

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    Looks like, but will have to wait for my big screen TV before this becomes that useful to me :)
  3. 9Nails

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    I'm sorry, but I've not used Boxee. Is it a form of DVR? Or is this just a net streaming device for some services? And, lastly, do I need to pay monthly fee's?
  4. Sub $200? Tough competition with the PS3's Windows Media streaming capabilities.
  5. Boxee is a software (and now hardware) that can be used to watch any online streaming video on your tv. its value over its competitors is that it has a nice interface that allows you to select to view videos not only by location (local hard drive, hulu, netflix, youtube,, etc, etc) but also you can say just decide you want to watch a tv show, and click and see a list of every tv show freely available for streaming from the internets.
  6. I'm returning my Western Digitial "HD Media Live" box to Best Buy this week. I'll replace it with the Boxee. Looks like Boxee is superior to both the Western Digital HD Media Live and the Netgear HD Media Player. Might be able to just have Internet Access and cancel my cable tv contract after getting the Boxee. Life is getting better....getting better all the time......

    (on Boxee website)
  7. The Boxee Box looks like THE BOX!
  8. I've been using a Boxee a friend and I put together from an old PC. It is GREAT! It will play almost any media format, is easy to use, and the content can be had on the internet, social media sites, standard DVD;s, or even Tv shows offered by the networks on various websites. it's like having your own Tv station where you control the content - what you watch, and when. it goes way beyond simple DVR.
  9. marcel (an admin @ forums) announced that a solid release date will be announced next week! :)
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