Broken Toshiba LCD screen

Hi all,

So I managed to drop my laptop Satellite C870 - 15K to the floor. It cracked my screen (see attached) so I'm thinking of replacing the screen myself. However before I purchase the screen I wanted to make sure the laptop is still working.

When I try to connect it to my TV through HDMI to verify if the laptop is still function I get no image. I thought maybe it's in standby mode or something so I removed the battery and tried again without luck. When I start up the laptop it sounds normal but I don't hear any windows sound or anything. Any advice on how to continue?


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Pull off the bottom access panel(s) and make sure the memory and hard drive are seated properly by removing them and re-installing them. It is also possible that the broken screen is shorting out the motherboards video. Try connecting the TV after you remove the LCD panel. One more thought... you have pressed the proper F key to activate the external video port?
Hi Tmagic, thank you for the advice! I will certainly try the suggestions you have given once I'm back home, currently abroad for work. One questions though, why would I need to press the proper F key to activate the external video port? I have never had to do this in the past?