Browser Problem: Cannot access Google and Gmail

By cork09
Dec 16, 2009
  1. Hello. is my homepage. When IE opens, it opens a new browser window and tries to access google. Then it gives an error saying it cannot access and says 'operation aborted'. Same error for

    I ran 'hijkack this' first thing before I found this forum and the 8 suggested steps (I remember hijack this from years ago on It found an O1 entry redirecting to :1, so I fixed that entry.
    It fixed it in that it now lets me access only, not google..... but when I log in to gmail its starts spawning a load of IE windows and I have to crash out.

    All other websites are fine, including
    If I run Internet Explorer in the 'No Add On' mode, it works just fine.

    I ran windows defender and it removed a worm and a password stealer.

    I have run Malware, Super antispyware and hijack this. A couple of times.
    They removed a couple of minor trojans and worms including Trojan.Agent/Gen-Zbot.

    But the problem remains.

    If you are still reading after all this description :)
    ... please have a look at my logfiles. Thanks!!
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