BSOD  0x0000007e

By stephen71
Dec 5, 2009
  1. can anyone please give me advice on a problem my father in law is having with his PC running xp.

    He says, he switched off his pc whilst a anti vius pop up was scanning his drive , thinks it was called raptor (it had a little green dino as a logo) He now gets the bsod and error message codes 0x0000007e, ( 0x872afc21, 0xf7a45c44, 0xf7a45c44, 0xf7a45940 when booting. just after the xp splash screen.

    It will not boot using safe mode, last good know.... etc.

    I have run chkdsk /r from window console and it found no probs, also try to load a linux base bootable anti virus but got a kernel panic error.

    Thanks in advance.
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