BSOD 0x000007e

By ajniedo
Feb 11, 2011
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  1. Hi,
    So i think i may have picked up a virus on my laptop earlier today, i kept getting a few pop-ups from ie even though i was using firefox and my spybot kept telling me about updated entries that i kept denying...well i put the computer down for a while and came back and i had a BSOD, i restarted and all day i have been getting bsods, mainly the 7e one now, ive searched all over the internet and tried nearly every solution i can find but no one elses solutions seem to work for me

    earlier today it was listing the iastor.sys file as the problem but thats no longer the case, it just gives me the 7e error

    my computer can run in safe mode but goes to the BSOD every time i try to enter normal mode

    asus g50vt intel core 2 duo cpu @ 2.13 ghz, h gb RAM, vista 64

    can anyone figure out whats causing this or what i can do to solve it?

    also i have no idea how to get my minidump to work, my minidump folder is empty
  2. ajniedo

    ajniedo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    im setting it under startup and recovery to small memory dump in safe mode but when i restart it and it blue screens and then i go back to safe mode it goes back to kernel memory dump instead of staying at me, it appears that whatever i do in safe mode isnt really applied. like when i run a registry repair it finds a bunch of problems then "Fixes them" but when i restart and it blue screens n i go back to safe mode and run the repair again all the same problems are there, or when i went into regedit to fix the intelppm file listed on the MS website, i changed it to 4 and then when i restarted, blue screened, then safe moded again it changed back to 3 instead of 4, or when i tried to turn on autochk on c, the changes apparently werent applied
  3. ajniedo

    ajniedo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    bump...cmon does anyone know why changes made in safe mode wouldnt take effect?

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