BSOD after malware removal

By canuckskie
Dec 22, 2009
  1. Hi everyone,
    last week my IBM T43 got the rootkit malware, i used MalwareByte's antimalware to scan and remove infestation, so far so good. After rebooting i got BSOD STOP oxoooooo7B error.
    unable to reboot in any mode, unable to run chkdsk or anything else from dos even. Using Hiren's BootCD i was able to get in and save my files off the drive, everything is there but unable to do system recovery and unable to do a repair install using a Win XP Pro disk, (laptop did not come with recovery CDs)

    After running a HD utility I was able to remount drive C: and now can access it with Mini WinXP from the Hiren's boot CD but still unable to do a repair install or a system recovery due to DLLs or other system files not found.
    EDIT: now i am getting STOP 0x000000AO error

    How can I solve this without having to format C and re-installing WinXP?
    attached is my mbam log that shows what was found and deleted, wish I had found this forum before I started.
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  3. canuckskie

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    log sent

    the mbam log in my post was the Malwarebyte's antimalware log from my scan and files it cleaned up/deleted. I am unable to run anything on that laptop right now as it keeps giving me 'missing file' or missing dll errors everytime i try to run anything on it. the only way i could get to the drive contents was using a disk recovery utility or using mini winXP from Hiren's BootCD.
  4. canuckskie

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    Still no results..

    Just bumping this up, i've been using another computer since the last post but still would like to resolve this issue, anyone have any more ideas??
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