BSOD after standby

By matoos
Jun 13, 2010
  1. Hi.
    Today I got two blue screen`s of death after standby... I dont know where the problem would be.
    I have newly installed Comodo InternetSecurity with Sandbox and I am using Deamon Tools Pro 4.1 for some programs I need for my study...
    For the first program I am using as a mounted image I can say, I already found out that it freezes my computer if I exit it with a press on the cross after resuming standby... But it doesnt give BSOD.
    Further on I am using an Flash application that is ran from a mounted iso... Today I upgraded Flash to 10.1 and this BSOD started to happen...

    I would check the dmp file myself but I dont have the software...

    Could someone please check which proccesses caused the crashes??

    Thank you guys for your help... A lot.

    PS: I attached both dump from today. I found another one that is from March this year... I attached just out of curiousity to see what caused it...
    Thank you again.

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