BSoD after Windows Automatic Update

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Feb 10, 2010
  1. Archean

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    Lately everything is bunched together in a recovery partition, usually no CDs are provided.

    In one of my previous posts I asked you to check your Bios and see whether it supports IDE Emulation (for SATA HDD); if such option is available you won't need the drivers, and your hard disk will be visible to XP/RC.
  2. es336td

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    Yes, I thought I answered that. How do I know if it supports IDE Emulation? I don't see such an option in BIOS, unless I don't know where to look. Sorry to be so dense. The WIC (woman in charge) is breathing down my neck about getting it back on line so she can do taxes...
  3. Broni

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    Archean's option is a good one too. You just need to dig around BIOS.
  4. Archean

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    According to Dell's own manual (Page 113), you should see these options in your BIOS setup, under System Setup Options, then in Drives :

    Sata Operation:
    Identifies and defines the SATA controller settings for RAID. You can set the SATA controller to RAID Autodetect/AHCI, RAID Autodetect/ATA, or
    RAID On.

    You need to fiddle around bit by trying Autodetec/AHCI or Autodetect/ATA; and your problem should be solved. Good luck.
  5. es336td

    es336td TS Rookie Topic Starter


    In BIOS, I changed the current setting of Autodect/AHCI to Autodetect/ATA and recovery console came up! I then did the uninstall as mentioned here:

    Thanx for all the help!

    Question: should I disable auto update? How would I have known that update was going to screw stuff up?
  6. Broni

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    Good news :)

    Change your updates setting from "automatic" to "let me know".
    Don't update very same day, updates are ready. Stroll the net, looking for possible problems.
    If none found, update.
  7. Archean

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    That is great !! :)

    I believe Broni's advice is very appropriate; there is no harm in holding on for a while and see whether there are any issues with them, before you apply updates.
  8. jobeard

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    You can wait serveral days or even into next week.

    We call "early adaptors" (ie those that have to have the very newest, best, ...) the pioneers --
    you know -- those guys that had to go West before everyone else -- those guys lying face down with arrows in their backs!
    AHH, that's the $64 question and even the pros have problems finding that answer.

    Personally, I use the manual update process (access ) and choose the CUSTOM option, not the EXPRESS

    This gives you at least a chance to see the summary and get the KB# and the details.
    • IE 7 & 8 were installed under Automatic, & I wanted neither
    • XP SP3 still is prioritized, but at least I can jump past it as it has some new features I don't like[#]
    • recently KB977165 was blamed for BSOD on some systems, and I can then choose to bypass it
    [#]see this reference
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