BSOD and safe mode won't work. Windows XP Home


hope someone can help,

I dont know much at all about computer so I hope you will understand what I am saying!

My PC is dell inspiron 1525. My battery was dying and my pc shut down before I could plug it in. When I tried to restart I got the annoying dell media center screen (I have trouble with this from the beggining, sometimes I cant get out and have to shut down the pc and restart)
and straight away the blue screen with the following message

Plug and play detected an error most likely caused by a faulty driver... etc

I pressed F8 as indicated but safe mode wont work

the error code is
0X000000CA (0X00000001, 0X82FD5620, 0X82FDOA68, 0X00000000)

The day it happened, I have dowloaded Divx and Jdowlnoader
I also have plugged in my HDMi cable from my Tv to watch a film.

can someone help!

thanks a lot


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This indicates that the Plug and Play Manager encountered a severe error, probably as a result of a flawed Plug and Play driver.

What driver does it list on the Blue Screen? It will be under the error code.
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thanks for your answer

there was nothing else written under the error code

but I tried to boot with my OS DVD and it is now working!

The only new stuff I used was my HDMI cable, maybe that is what caused the problem?

anyway thanks a lot for your help!