BSOD and Unexpected shutdown

By stecar
Jan 16, 2009
  1. I get unxpected shutdown and blue screen when vista either goes into sleep mode or wakes up. Machine works fine when fully up and running. Has to do with driver inconsistant power state.

    I have attached the machine specs, The problem report. The debug log which I produced from the mini dump.

    I have a USB HP laserjet 1000 using xp host based drivers which is not suppoted in vista by hp (seems to go offline when it feels like it). I also have a USB v90 MODEM using old xp drivers.
    I suspect it is one of these causing the problem.

    Is there any way to tell the culprate from the info sent. and what may be the solution.

    Please help
  2. raybay

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    See the HP site for drivers:
    All you need is the PCL 6 drivers download.
    Check all your computer drivers with the HP site. It appears you have some old stuff installed that has been updated by more recent available downloads.
    And you need Service Pack 2 or 3
    But it appears you need new drivers for that USB modem, or a new modem.
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  4. stecar

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    The error code 9f problem does not occur untill after a phone or fax call has been received and handled by my software and then a subsequent normal sleep cycle occurs way after the event. The calls are handled perfectly and the modem appears to work perfectly in all respects.
    The error will not occur if no calls have been received and the computer enteres a sleep cycle. In other words if no calls are received. Sleep mode and wake occur normally with no error.
    The modem maufacturer will not be supporting with new drivers as ther modem is discontinued and there is no new equally featured usb (voice data fax) modem on the market and I do not have a serial port. I am using their xp/2000 drivers . It is a full hardware usb bus powered (rockwell chipset) modem that is working perfectly in all other respects.
    I get the feeling that there may be a modem setting or registry entry I can make to fix the problem. Would you have any sggestions in this regard?
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