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By edward109
Mar 2, 2017
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  1. I have a custom build,,,,the only problems that I had was I found a faullty DDR3 stick wasnt working and a M.2 SSD card with adapter did not seem to be compatiable,,,I read somewhere that that particular card and adapter booted the OS on a mobo somewhat like mine....took a chance go...actually windows didnt even pick it up...but it was visual in Bios...Anyways got rid of faulty mem stick, flashed new Bios, even though it was the same version,, Now fresh install of windows for the first time on Toshiba ssd a mess popup saying that the drive maybe faulty ,,backup your work,,,but windows installed ,,,I neva had trouble with that drive before..its been the OS drive in the latter system for awhile ,,thought it was alittle strange that it would be now on the first startup of a new system...but ok ive learned ssd arent as stable as they were first marketed to it was not for speed id take a clickity clack IDE anyday,,,..Now when I reset it goes to bsod right after windows logo Q code on MB stays at of course I thought it to be the drive untill I installed OS on the Sandisk ssd and get the same exact results and the Sandisk is new out the repair was a no go, restarted serveral times the only thing that works is a fresh install of windows..which I have done serveral times on both drives,,,the results are the same,,,then I read about the bsod minidump tool Blue Screen View...but if I have to do a fresh install there wont be any data left to record,,,I dont think its a MB problem or else I dont think I would be on right now...everything works fine,,,untill I reset...any help would be apreciated

    AsusZ9PA-D8 MB
    2 Xeon E5-2670
    XFX HD6870
    2 2TB Seagate
    1 256GB Toshiba SSD
    1 480GB SanDisk SSD
    8x4GB ECC Memory(using 6,,one wasnt working)
    1 256GB Plexor M.2. SSD w/Bplus Adapter(not using )
  2. Cycloid Torus

    Cycloid Torus Stone age computing. Posts: 3,000   +653

    From your message I gather that:
    - this is a new build (though a few parts may be holdovers from an earlier build)
    - you have tried lots of ideas
    - one stick of RAM was bad
    - an M2 adapter could not serve as a boot device
    - you have a Q-code of 99 (Super IO Initialization)
    - you are getting frustrated (don't blame you!)

    Q-code 99 is likely indicator of a motherboard problem. With a real basic problem like that, I recommend taking everything apart and re-assembling a minimal system on your bench. Follow manual. Just enough to POST. Then enough to get into BIOS. Then just enough to run Windows. If you can't run windows try a DVD ISO from Bitdefender or Ubuntu.

    Once you have a clean reliable bootable system, add all the RAM, then something else - add and test until you encounter errors.

    Who knows - it could be as simple as an 8-pin not fully connected or a front panel connection just a bit off so as you do this carefully, the problem 'disappears'..
  3. edward109

    edward109 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for the feed back...I did just that ..just one hd the vid card and 1 dim....still bsod....then according to the manual I can only have either 1 2 4 or 8 dddr3 connected with I had 6...but the order that I manual calls for didnt let me boot at all ..maybe it changed idk...but further troubleshooting it seems that the video card might be the problem I hooked up another card I had and was able to get windows 8 out of 10 times compared to the other card where I wSnt getting anything....iam still testing
  4. Cycloid Torus

    Cycloid Torus Stone age computing. Posts: 3,000   +653

    I think you are on right track. Persist until you have a reliable system, then add and test.
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