BSOD error or weird unusual problem

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My compaq 6515b is having a problem, im usually good about fixing them, but this has got me stubbing my toe. It will just randomly goes black screen, not shut off, but the blue wireless light cuts off, and its like just hung there, and its weird i have to manually restart it myself by forced shutdown.

The specs of my laptop are
2 GB of Ram
Amd Turion 64 X 2 Mobile Technology TL-60
Motherboard ATI RADEON X 1200 series (graphics chipset)
Windows xp professional

Any additional info jsut ask and yes i have all the updated drivers
Much appreciation in advance.


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as wierd as this sounds it could be the computer going in to hibernation? think about it its hung but its not shut down, the interent light cuts off and hard disk stops? its like it s stuck between going in to standby /hibernation becasue of a bad build from hp thats just something from waht ive read, think about it does make sense


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I'll agree with that :)

Make sure all tasks are off
Power Management are all off
Bios setup (usually hitting DEL on system startup) Power is all off (actually you should run setup Defaults if going to Bios setup)
Even check HP for any Bios update (at your risk ;) ) here:

Actually sometimes heat can cause issues with auto power down
Maybe try to high pressure blow out any dust

That's all I can think of right now :)
When it shuts off or well screen goes blank is it still like lit up or does the back lights turn off?

Also it is an AMD how hot does the temp of the CPU get? it could be over heating and then automatically shutting itself off because of the temp.

My dell Intel does that if it's sitting on my lapt and i have a blanket on, it cuts off the circulation of the fan, and no good airflow, next thing i know black screen and when i turn it back on it say's. " computer shut off due to your Processor getting to hot".

Are you moving the computer when this happens? could be a bad solder possibley? Or is it just sitting on the desk?

But i would check where the fan is and see if you might be able to clean out the heat sink to get dust out of there, that will cause problems, so yes high pressure blow out should do it as well.

Also when you say it doesn't shut off do all of the lights go off? so are you sure it doesn't shut off? Can you hear a fan? is the back light on?

"Edit #2"
Do you acctually get the BSOD?
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