Bsod, Kernel Stack Input Error

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When I try to use winrar to unrar a compressed file or something like that, it appears de blue screen and I hear the sound of the hard disk powering down I think (it's the same noise that the hard drive makes when I turn off my computer)

This problem started few days ago when I installed Jdownloader but I don't thing that the problem is related to it.

History: a year ago I got 2 hard drives in raid 1 mode and they failed but the disks are ok. I think that failed the motherboard's raid controller or disk controller. I've got the same mother with a diferent hard disk for a year ago.

Please help!

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Problem solved

Hi Tmagic

I opened the computer to check if everything was fine and I detected a loose cable.
It was the red cable (+5V) of the hard disk's power cable.
I've replaced it and so far it didn't happen again

Thanks for the assistance
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