BSOD on a newly installed XP with formatted HDD

By yueli7
Jul 19, 2009
  1. As soon as the PC boots past the xp logo screen there is a BSOD with stop code

    0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0xF7660756, 0xF788EB42C, 0xF78EB128)

    It does not show the windows log in screen or desktop at all. I have searched around google for the 7E stop code but solutions found have not worked.

    This is a PC with no cards (graphics or audio), HDD that is newly formatted and installed a fresh copy of XP professional SP3. The PC enters safe mode with networking fine, I have internet and can install drivers for USB etc using the OEM CD. There is one device still uninstalled, as it says found new hardware and the device name is MEDIA and this does not match any drivers on the CD. I can't think what this device could be. There are no start up programs, such as antivirus.

    So, the HDD works, I have plugged it into another computer (this one) and the disk operates fine. I have also replaced the RAM on that PC with the working RAM stick from this one and it still gives the same BSOD. I have also used a different PSU, but still giving the BSOD. I also have reset the BIOS to default with no joy. I have run chkdsk /r with no effect

    The motherboard is a M2A-VM series with 690G chipset (X1250 gpu). The CPU is a AMD Q9550. No hardware has changed since it last worked. No drivers have changed, and it is a fresh install now with OEM drivers, which have worked for me before. All BIOS settings are on default, such as AUTO voltage and RAM timing settings. There is only 1 SATA HDD, no RAID.

    Interesting point I add, that may complicate things, is that the PC is not new. It was fully working before for about a year until it started BSODing on me with no reason I can think of. I used the very same XP SP3 disk i am using now to repair the installation, and it worked - I booted up windows normally with no BSOD. However I wanted to start afresh so I put the CD back in and chose to install XP with a full format. From then on I cannot solve the BSOD issue. This shows that there is nothing wrong with the data on the XP CD, and perhaps even it shows that it is not a motherboard issue, as it boots into safe mode now and also booted normally after I repaired the XP installation when I first began having BSOD.
    The unknown "MEDIA" device i described above was not seen in any of my other installs, all the drivers then were installed without a hitch.

    Any ideas, please?
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