BSOD on New Build

By deanm007
Apr 8, 2011
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  1. I just built a new pc with these:

    880 ga-ud3h gigabyte motherboard(built in graphics)
    amd phenom II x4 955
    ultra lsp 450 watt power supply
    Corsair 2x2gb memory cas 9
    dvd drive
    dvd recording drive

    windows xp pro 64bit

    For 5 days, I used the computer heavily by opening up multiple applications at once. Just last night, I gave the computer to my mom. I built it for her. She uses it for one hour and she gets a bsod screen showing 'your system has been shut down to prevent damage' error 0x1000007e blah blah blah and it said something about mini memory dump at the bottom. And the AMD stock cpu fan was running at almost full speed.

    She had the same bsod problem in her old computer and it would just shut down. Thats why I built her this new one and it does the same thing!! Could it be her devices that were connected? When I connected my mouse, keyboard, monitor, and speakers, I never got this error on this new build. Please see attached dmp file.

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  2. Route44

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    The minidump file is unreadable. Do you have any more?

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