BSOD on new Machine *Cry*

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Mar 17, 2006
  1. Hi, i have problem i just bought parts for my new computer and put it together, great everything worked ok until i thought my DDR Ram wasnt running at 400mhz and i decided to pick 400 in the DRAM clock feature in the bios, big mistake it didnt reboot so i had to clear CMOS and i formatted Hard drive, before that my games ran fine but now after 20 mins i get a random reboot until i turned reboot off and now i get BSOD some saying device driver and some with this.

    ***STOP 0x00000050 (0xBDA98510 0X00000008 0XBDA98510 0X00000002)

    i dont have a clue what this means but do you guys think my RAM is dead now i overclocked it to 800 MHZ?
  2. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406

    Ouch. Possibly fried the ram.

    Run on it and see what it says....

    Good luck!
  3. Frank Smith

    Frank Smith TS Rookie Posts: 75

    Reset your BIOS back to DEFAULT and try again.... "Overclocking is for the Rich and Foolish "
  4. Cypher2006

    Cypher2006 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 64

    when i overclocked my RAM i did a CMOS clear and a fresh install of XP are you saying do another one, becuase one of my BSOD said video driver and i installed the newest ones and still got a BSOd, one other thing if the RAM is causing this could it be just the RAM thats knackered when i overclocked it and a simple case of buying some new RAM, because this PC is less than 2 weeks old and i dont want to buy a new motherboard..plzzzzz

    also for the pgae in non paged error, how can i fix that is there something i can do?
  5. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Go HERE and follow the instructions.

    If that doesn`t help. Zip 5 or 6 of your latest minidumps together and attach them here.

    Regards Howard :)
  6. Frank Smith

    Frank Smith TS Rookie Posts: 75

    Not neccessary to reinstall XP.... open the BIOS and look for the DEFAULT SAFE settings... this sets the BIOS for in safest mode possible.... reset to default...then continue...

    yes you might have VIDEO driver problems .... install the VIDEO Drivers that came for your special CARD ... 99% are MS Signed... and create fewer problems. NOT THE NEWEST ONES... BUT MicroSoft SIGNED...
  7. Cypher2006

    Cypher2006 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 64

    hmm what do i look for is it the failsafe option. and after its in safe mode what then, just carry on with what i do on it or see if the problem occurs again and where do i find my minidumps? and also before this problem i fitted at RAM heatspreader onto my RAM and when i tried to put it back in it wouldnt fit becuase i put it to close the edge and i had to pry it off, and my fingers wenall over the connectores and on some of the chips maybe there is a way to clean them i check my IRQ and they all have there own channel nothing conflicting i can see
  8. Frank Smith

    Frank Smith TS Rookie Posts: 75

    all bios have a DEFAULT/FailSafe setting. continure to Boot... normally... if you still get a BSOD. try booting into FAILSAFE mode. Limited Device Drivers are loaded and many times VIDEO is set to failsafe VGA mode.. your monitor might also get set to failsafe drivers....
    How I clean RAM - very carefully remove the ram and with a clean soft pencil eraser in downward motion only.. every pin..if needed us a magnifing glass to check the pins...
    in the beginning it is recommended to use Driver sent by the manufacture for this special device...
    once your online you can google "ms error 0x00000050" you might also visit Excellent help from this MS MVP site.
  9. Cypher2006

    Cypher2006 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 64

    so keep booting normally then when the next BSOD occurs go into BIOS and boot in failsafe mode and see what happens and also install video drivers that came with my graphics card and clean RAM pins with soft rubber.
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