BSOD on Windows 7 probably caused by ndis.sys

By alsr71
Jan 16, 2010
  1. Since my upgrade to Windows 7, I have been having sequent restarts, after bsods, which last no longer than half a second, so it doesn't let me see the problem. Once I had a similar problem, and it happen to be the Belkin Wireless network card that created the blue-screen. During that time I had windows vista ultimate, and I resolved it by changing the wireless card with another one; newer.
    Now with my upgrade to windows 7, I doubt the same problem.
    I have currently installed the latest drivers for video, network card, audio, chipset, etc.
    I have been trying to find the problem using Windbg, but still can't find the problem except for the ndis.sys file that might me causing the problem.
    Any suggestion or idea would be apreciated alot.

    Best regards.


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