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Oct 23, 2008
  1. My computer has recently been having issues with it's battery, and today after it died when unplugged, I got a blue screen when trying to restart. I brought it to local places and one guy suggested that it was a hard drive issue, and that my battery was shocking the hard drive.

    It won't restart in Safe Mode so I can't try going back to previous date when it was still functioning. When trying to restart in Safe Mode, the last line of language it gets to before the blue screen is:

    I also can't find all my specs, but:
    Make:Gateway (2006)
    OS:Windows XP
    Model No: SQU-517

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. rapzkilla

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    Hay , i need some more details. did you already buy a new battery or are you trying to use the main power. You might wanna consider pluging it up without the battery because your battery might be bad.
  3. court1

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    I haven't bought a new battery yet, but my computer dies fairly quickly when I don't have it plugged in, it usually makes it to the blue screen before that regardless though
  4. Bobbye

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  5. rapzkilla

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    hay did the link that bobbye provide help?
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