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BSOD using Revit 2009: 0x00000050 win32k.sys

By Eibmoz
Mar 30, 2009
  1. Greetings all...

    Been doing a lot of digging around the web to try and figure out an issue ive been having.

    I have Revit 2009 installed on my home computer: Pentium 4 3.2, 2.5gigs PC3200 ram, NVIDIA Geforce 6200 (512 megs/AGP 8X), Windows XP Home Edition SP3. It's a Dell of which the RAM has been upgraded (2x1gig chips added) and a new video card (previous one was a Radeon 9800). SATA HDD, also, if thats relevant at all.

    I understand the hardware is a bit dated for use but I am only using it to learn and do exercises with it.

    Revit is able to start up but 98% of the time I try and start a new project or open a new one, it crashes w/ a Blue Screen error. It seems to load all the way but right as it is about to actually display the model, I get this:

    STOP 0x00000050 win32k.sys


    0X946A6407 0X00000001 0XBF8019CA 0X00000000

    address BF8019CA base at BF800000 datestamp 49900FC9

    Basically I am trying to discern if this is due to the hardware not being able to handle Revit or if this is actually a problem that can be remedied. I've already put 10 hours into trying to find people with similar issues on the web and I've seen so many different responses and solutions offered of which many I have tried, including:

    - Taking out some of the ram to verify if any of the chips are a problem

    - uninstalling & reinstalling both AutoCAD and Revit (i had noticed someone elsewhere facing similar issues resolved it by just reformatting his hard drive and reinstalling, clearing the issues all together. I'd rather avoid this path unless it was absolutely necessary). Registry values seemed to remain ,however, since the re-installation did not require any authentication.

    - updating my graphic card drivers
    and also updating Revit to Web Update 3

    - installing the "Open Save Close" hotfix (on Autodesk's site, unable to link due to being a new user) which at first seemed to resolve it in that I was able to start a new project and open an existing one. But after a reboot, Revit returned to its original behavior.

    - increasing the min and max page file size to 4095 MB , no effect

    - switching to 3GB mode (also advised from Autodesk's site) which sets the visible available VM to just over 3gigs, which had no effect

    I'd really appreciate if someone could at least point me in the right direction. Appreciate the help very much & hope someone can get me out of this hell.

    Currently am testing the system using Prime95 [no errors so far] and OCCT as advised by another user on another board. I am open to suggestions of other software to run tests with.

    Is this a computer that just can't hack it or my hardware not work well with revit? Or is there just a simple fix I've not managed to discover? Thanks so much in advance.
  2. Eibmoz

    Eibmoz TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Apologies, moving thread to BSOD subforum instead. Pardon my noob mistake.
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