BSOD when playing games with heavy system use

My computer occasionally blue screens when I play video games. It only happens during heavy system use but is seemingly random within that criteria. It is rare enough that I can go for several days uninterrupted (Although, I sometimes have 2 or 3 in the same 6 hour session), but it is frequent enough that I would like to find to root cause in case it could get worse. It has been a problem for long enough that I do not know of any new system changes that could cause it. The bluescreen shows the following message: Store Data Structure Corruption. I attached the two latest minidump files for review. I've run chkdsk and windows memory diagnostic (just the simple scan) before and gotten no errors, but that was a while ago and I have no problems running it again if needed. I've also updated my graphics card driver to no avail.


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It's most likely a RAM problem. You could create a bootable USB flash drive with Memtest on it. Boot to that and allow it to run through 4 passes. It will take a while. See if any errors pop up on that test. If you get none than you might want to look at trying different memory timings to improve stability. Ideally this RAM you are using is on the QVL for your motherboard.

You should look for the latest chipset for your board and make sure you have the latest version of Windows >>20H2. To check that type >>WINVER on the search bar as a command. All the latest drivers from your motherboard manufacturer is good idea. Read forum posts for your board by other users. Sometimes you stumble on a clue.

My own rig had this problem, and I took the steps I outlined above and I 'fixed' it. I don't know if it is truly fixed because mine, like yours, is very infrequent.
Ok. I ran memtest86 with no errors. I also reseated my RAM at the advice of another post. I haven't had another crash since reseating it, but the problem is rare enough that one day doesn't mean anything. I am running the latest version of windows. I'll check my motherboard drivers and figure out what memory timings are. This is a premade laptop (Acer), so that should hopefully be correct already. Thank you for your help!