BSOD while booting... cant boot in safe mode too

By westerndigital1
Feb 9, 2010
  1. hi :)
    i was using a IDE hard disk...that doesnt works anymore....i tried to plug in my old sata harddrive.. and it was detected in bios but couldnt boot windows.. somehow i got it formatted on a friends's computer.. and it was working fine there.. but again when i tried it on my computer.. it was giving bluescreen ( a very quick1) on XP logo..i tired safe mode and safe mode with networking.. both were working fine..some1 suggested to uncheck all boxes in startup and recovery console... since then i cant even boot in safe mode.. and a proper BSOD whiel booting in anymode.. BSOD error says "disable any antivirus prog.. run chkdsk/F for hardrive error and stop 0x00000024.. something like that.. and previous BSOD error was 0x0000007E.. agaain the hard drive was working fine on my friend's computer.
  2. Tmagic650

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    You can't expect Windows loaded on a hard drive from another to boot on another computer without problems
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