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Aug 6, 2010
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  1. My computer has been running fine for the past month or so and has just started having issues with BSOD. I noticed this morning it complained of restarting unexpectedly from BSOD and thought it may have been random since it was the first on this machine. Again today though, it posted another BSOD and I caught a glimpse of the error. I attempted to read the dump files but windbg just complains about symbols that I already installed so I gave up and decided you guys would probably be of more help anyways. Included are the two log files. The first is from the system in an idle state - just a game running overnight. The second dump occurred as I was playing some music and just as I closed another program the computer crashed.

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  2. Sharam

    Sharam TS Rookie Posts: 509

    Could you please post your system spec including make and model of the Power Supply?
  3. steveg89

    steveg89 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    OS: win7 64 bit
    Vid card: ATI radeon hd 43xx
    CPU: AMD athlon II 435
    RAM: 4 gigs of Crucial brand ddr3
    Mobo: Asrock M3A770DE
    PSU: Thermaltake W0070RUC TR2 Series 430W Power Supply with 2 Fans

    Also, after the second BSOD I switched my Ram to the alternate pair of slots to see if that would help. So far no crashes, but it is an intermittent issue so I can't say anything is fixed.

    Edit: No, I didn't tamper with unlocking the 4th core of the processor
  4. Sharam

    Sharam TS Rookie Posts: 509

    Thank you.

    430W should be enough to run almost "any" configuration however, I'd like to see a better PSU with your configuration, I know that PSU very well.
    Is it possible for you to enter the CMOS setup utility and find "hard ware monitor" or "PC Health Status" and post back with the reading for reported values for the +12.0V, +5.0V as well as the +3.3V. I rather use a voltmeter with the system idle and under load, Yellow = +12.0V, Red = +5.0V and orange = +3.3V.

    I don't have full Symbols on this system as well both dumps reffer to ntkernel, want to make sure hardware side is all OK before going to software side including, setup, data corruption and the rest.

    I like to read up on your mobo and the CPU combinantion before saying anything.

    At the same time, I am going to assume you have applied the chipset drivers and all, reading yout text makes me feel you are comfortable around hardware and software :)
  5. steveg89

    steveg89 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm currently on my laptop away from my system, but last I checked values were all pretty close. Also, I specifically chose this mobo - cpu combo because it worked well together. Also, the memory was listed as compatible on the memory manufacturer's site. I'll get exact voltage readings later tonight when I'm back at the system. All drivers WERE up to date about a month and a half ago when I assembled the system but I haven't looked for updates because I wasn't having issues. I'll check that out as well.
  6. Sharam

    Sharam TS Rookie Posts: 509

    Not a problem and thanks.

    So far I am not happy with the choice of the power supply, Your CPU's Idle Power Consumption is about 117W and Load Power Consumption is at 172W, both your 12V1 at 14A and 12V2 at 15A just about have enough to satisfy the CPU alone, assuming the 12V1 is dedicated to the motherboard at 168W Max output which is lower than the Athlon II X3 435 requirement under load not mentioning the 12V1 and 12V2 rails combined as well as the 12V1, 12V2 and 5.0V, 3.3V combined max output, makes trouble shooting somewhat harder.

    If the read and write heads don't receive enough juice from the +5.0V rail because of the combined max output, there would be data corruption (I don't believe this is your case).

    With DDRII and DDRIII strict timing and voltage as allowed in the BIOS play a big role in system stability, the supplied power to the chipset also plays a role; sometimes just a little increase in some voltages will make a big difference.

    If you can, post the exact model of your RAM as well as the Vid Card, I will suggest proper values for your setup despite the fact that the power supply as good as a brand and choice it is, might not be enough for your configuration, this also depends on load distribution as in what lead goes to the drives and such, I know the TRII 430W provides a 6pin PCI-E plug, what is your 4300 Series requirements?

    AMD/ ATI does not list your power supply as recommended for the 4300 series!?
  7. steveg89

    steveg89 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Alright, I'm back now. Readings in the bios show that my 3.3 is at 3.312, 5 is at 5.232, 12 is at 12.196. The system is running ddr3 Crucial CT2KIT25664BA1067. The video card is a Radeon HD4550 512 MB which draws its power directly from the pci-E slot. Inside the case, the PSU is running one 12v accessory lead into my optical drive with a seperate accessory lead (for cosmetic reasons) fed to the hard drive. The only other things being powered are 3 120mm LED case fans, all fed from the motherboard. Let me know if you need any more/other information. Oh, and thank you for the help! I can't believe I let that slip so long.

    Edit: The reason I said 43xx for my card is because in all settings/device manager it shows up as "ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 series". I apologize for the lack of specificity.

    Another Edit: I found my specific errors for both dumps using bluescreenviewer. Dump 1 was an "UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP (BugCheck 7F)". M$ has some info regarding this and it seems as though my system fits the specs to incite the error. [link removed] has more information if you'd like to read up on the specifics, but basically the stack can't allocate the proper stack space to a UDP packet. My guess is the issues related to me recently installing zoneAlarm firewall (which includes a filter driver). I've decided rather than work with the hotfix I've decided to just get rid of zoneAlarm.

    Now for the other error: Bug Check 0x4A: IRQL_GT_ZERO_AT_SYSTEM_SERVICE
    It's still saying it's the ntKernel, though i wouldn't be surprised if this issue were still something caused by zoneAlarm itself. Seems like a number of other users have had the same error codes pop up after installing zonealarm or other 3rd party firewalls...
    I'm uninstalling it for now and we'll see how that effects the BSOD
  8. Sharam

    Sharam TS Rookie Posts: 509

    Readings are great except the 5.0V which is running close to max (all positive rails should be + 5% so anything from 4.75V to 5.25V is OK.

    RAM uses the +5.0 Rails as well as your drives read and write heads plus USB devices that require power. For the electronics in a Computer system, even 0.1V might be considered over voltage with effects that would show in time.

    List of Certified PSU by AMD/ ATI:

    Gimme a bit of time and I'll get back to you, perhaps other good members here have a point or two to add.

    One last thing, the drivers for your 4550, is it from ATI or MS? PCI-E Rev 2.0 went from 75W to 150W, I need to check a few things since I have never installed a 4550, who manufactured the Card, we know who made the GPU ;)


    Firstly thanks for the information and no need for an apology, you are providing more than enough info.

    MS and ZA have not been "buddies" ever since XP SP2! Something like the relationship between Intel and Nvidia!

    If this gets rid of the issues, we will just relax the Memory voltages a bit and play with the timings for best performance and stability (due to the +5.0V rail running on the high side)

    I still need to check a thing or two.

    Too bad Edits don't send any notifications as new posts do ...
  9. steveg89

    steveg89 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It's a sapphire manufactured card, running the latest drivers from the amd/ati site. I actually just updated about 2 weeks ago to fix an issue with mass effect 2 crashing. If you want to look it up on their site (since I'm unable to post links) a search of "SAPPHIRE HD 4550 512MB DDR3 PCI-E 1G HM HDMI" will bring up my exact card. Seems they have a few different types of the same card with differing ports.
  10. Sharam

    Sharam TS Rookie Posts: 509

    Reading it now, I guess for the links, you could remove the http:// and/ or www then it will not be live, I wouldn't mind the first removed link just to read!

    Wow ... "Consumes less than 25 watts under full load" 64bit data path makes it believable and somewhat of a bottle neck too may be.

    How much gaming do you do? I see an upgrade in a near future :)
    May be you had this in mind in regards to the Vid card and the PSU!

    Too bad you don't have the first generation TRII 430s with a single 12V rail at 18A if I remember correctly; since I believe the other rail is dedicated to the PCI-E 6pin plug, which would still force you to use one or 2 large 4pin Molex to power the next card with an adapter when and if you upgrade. (One 8pin or even 2 plugs with some cards)

    I am doing timing and voltage checks on the RAM based on the Chipset.

    How is the system after you removed Zone Alarm?
  11. steveg89

    steveg89 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    On the gaming note - You read my mind. I wanted a decent system that I could upgrade at a later time. I'm a 3rd year computer engineering student, so money isn't always coming in and I need to be smart about how I spend it. As for the system, so far it's been stable. I did a small amount of gaming to see if it cracked under some pressure but I had no errors after an hour or two. We'll see if leaving it overnight produces another BSOD or not. On a sidenote, I'm somewhat grateful for this issue. Without it I probably would have overlooked my voltages and possibly had problems down the line.
  12. Sharam

    Sharam TS Rookie Posts: 509

    Sounds good so far.

    have you disabled "VPU Recover" in the Catalyst Control Center? it is supposed to recover and/ or prevent crashes but it has been proven otherwise!

    The system running OK (Thanks to you) gives us time to find the best timing and voltage for your config, have to get the manual yet and look at it, done some checks on the RAM and the chipset already.

    Have a great weekend if I don't post on this thread till Monday.
  13. steveg89

    steveg89 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Couldn't find it in settings so I dug through the helpfile. Apparently VPU recovery only works in an XP environment, so I don't even need to disable it. Thanks for your help and I'm looking forward to your findings.
  14. Sharam

    Sharam TS Rookie Posts: 509

    And that is a good thing VPU Recover stayed with XP, I don't install CCC with ATI, if I do I go Chipset drivers, .Net Framework and then ATI drivers in that strict order even if CCC inclludes the framework.
  15. steveg89

    steveg89 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Happy to say the system stayed stable throughout the night and into today with no issues as of yet. As for CCC, it was installed separately from the drivers. I use a CRT monitor (my LCD is on my other system) and CCC was great for increasing the brightness on this old beast.
  16. Sharam

    Sharam TS Rookie Posts: 509

    Good news, I hope it was ZA that you removed, if it was moving the modules, kinda concerns me.

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