Build your own robots with this Raspberry Pi 3 board and training bundle

By TS Dealmaster
Sep 13, 2017
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  1. The field of robotics can be difficult for newcomers to pick up. After all, understanding how robots work calls for a background in everything from electronics to computer science. However, learning the essentials behind building them can be fun and accessible regardless of your skill level--you just need the proper training. The Raspberry Pi 3 Board + Mastery Bundle can help get you started with eight comprehensive training courses.

    Boasting a project-based curriculum, this collection will have you working hands on with Raspberry Pi technology to create sensors, home automation devices, and even complete robots to bolster your robotics knowledge. With a Raspberry Pi 3 board included, you'll be able to make your training hands-on as you create your own PiCar-V, which you can control remotely in real-time and take pictures using its included webcam.

    To get started, you can pick up the Raspberry Pi 3 Board + Mastery Bundle on sale for $178.99, a whole 80 percent off its normal $920 retail price.

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