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Apr 15, 2006
  1. Dante13

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    I'm not planning to buy anything now. I'm just going to save as much money as I can. And see where I can go from there. If the Nvidia 8000 series is out by that time then I will probably look to buy that. Or an ATI x2000 series. I don't really know which one will outperform the other. But, I do know that Intel doesn't have much in their mobos for sli sans Nvidia. So, that might also fastor into my video card decision. Anyway, I will wait for Dx 10 video cards to come out. Cause it would be stupid to buy one now and then need to upgrade later on. I bought a 6600LE for my current system. This system is going to be my sisters computer. So, I just want something to hold me over for months till conroe and new video cards come out.

    BTW, where can I find info on the 8000 and x2000 series of video cards?
  2. AtK SpAdE

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    Im glad you know this. :suspiciou
  3. Hellsliberator

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    Ok with the G80 Nvidia and x2k sieres nothing has been announced, but they cant go above 48 pipes, dual core, and about 768 GDD3, People have said stuff about SM4 and DX10 but its not likely as sm4 and dx10 were announced for 2007 and these nextgen cards are expected late 2006.
    Now Conroe Vs AM2, AM2 is not going to see a preformance boost Core 2 Duo's are going to see because AM2 is a socket change w/ DDR2 memory. Conroe is a entily new chip, Conroe uses shorther clocks that run through more data per clock (put simply) and if you buy a intel i975 board now it is compatible w/ a Conroe, so you can get a PC now and slap a conroe in later with little more than a Bios flash.
    So personaly
    i975x Mobo
    Intel p4 Whatever
    Western Digital HDs
    1gb DDR2 500+Mhz
    Then get conroe E6600 only $560 for a 2.67Ghz Dual Core that blows away FX-60 and based on what they have said, even the FX-62s wont match it, and with Intel Being the first with a planned Quadcore w/ the LG775 Socket your fine.
  4. AtK SpAdE

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    Isnt that what was said with Intels Dual Core. That any 9xx chipset could be used with a BIOS flash. Then when they were released you needed a 945 and up. I wouldnt buy a board on speculation just yet.
  5. KingCody

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    the intial AM2 processors have not shown any major leaps in performance over s-939 CPUs, however it does open the doorway for AMD's future CPUs.

    AMDs performance lead over Intel in recent years has been due to the CPU making more effective use of each clock cycle, which is essentially the same thing that Conroe is going to do.

    Conroe may take the crown for a little while (and I stress the word may, because nothing has been proven yet), but what's to stop AMD from creating a "new" chip of their own that would be similar or better than Conroe?

    basically, nothing will... and I don't think it will take them long to come out with something better.
  6. Hellsliberator

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    So C2Duo Support has been comfermed on all i975x chipsets made after march..... And AMD isent going to have a new proc till late 07 or 08 if there lucky, currently they are just using the same tech making it bigger for am2 and and k10 is atleast 08... Heres some advice look at each Intel and AMDs Roadmaps for the coming years. Now take whats on there and Put it 5 months later, Intels got a lead untel atleast 08, AMD is gona have a hit w/ Quad Core optiys in 07 but still Intel ok. And 2 years from now buy an AMD.

    And at IDF they ran the same C2Duo's there realising on a I975x Mobo.....
  7. KingCody

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    and you got this information where?
  8. Hellsliberator

    Hellsliberator TS Rookie


    I mean they arent going to alter any proc arctiecture like currently its K8, K9 they stop working on it to finish M2 before the end of the year. and K10 is well nothing said so late 07 08 prity it
    K9=Who the Hell Knows
    K10=Dead For Now
    K8L=Said for H12k7 but everyone who knows anything about computer knows delays....
  9. CMH

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    Okay, if you're still going for a comp, I'll just add this advise: different chipsets work better with different graphic card manufacturers.

    You might want to look at that, especially if you're looking at SLI or CF.
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