Razer's 'Project Brooklyn' puts a new spin on gaming chairs


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In brief: We've seen some pretty wild gaming chair concepts over the years, most of which would probably never work as real consumer products (see: Acer's $14,000 Thronos). For better or worse, we're seeing that again this year in the form of Razer's somewhat outlandish "Project Brooklyn."

On the surface, without any of its fancy functions switched on, Project Brooklyn is a pretty standard gaming chair, albeit one with an odd L-shaped base. It has the same "racerback" design you'd see in a chair from Secretlab or DXRacer, and a similar bucket-style seat.

However, once you activate some of its less-obvious functions, Project Brooklyn transforms from a regular chair into what Razer calls a "full-fledged entertainment rig," capable of delivering "Breathtaking, next-gen immersion" for PC and console gaming. See it in action in the video below.

Yeah, as we said, it's not exactly a practical concept. The technology behind that giant, retractable screen at the top -- which can somehow bend like paper -- is probably at least a decade away by itself. And that's to say nothing of the engineering difficulties associated with essentially packing a full retractable (and ideally sturdy) table into two small 4D armrests.

To top it all off, Brooklyn would boast "tactile feedback" built directly into the chair, to further enhance immersion.

To Razer's credit, it knows this idea is far-fetched. As is the case with most other CES reveals, this is just a concept that showcases Razer's vision for the future of gaming, across both console and PC platforms. To that end, we'd say Project Brooklyn accomplishes its goal nicely.

While it won't come out anytime soon, it's a neat idea and one we certainly wouldn't mind "gaming" furniture makers borrowing a few ideas from. The built-in table is a cool idea, and a seat-mounted monitor -- albeit not one with a paperlike curve -- isn't entirely outside the realm of possibility.

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we're seeing that again this year in the form of Razer's somewhat outlandish "Project Brooklyn."
My take on this, the only outlandish thing here is the unjustifiable price. The tech itself isn't complicated at all, the only challenge is to hire good engineers.


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This would make more sense if it was the exact same chair, armrests, table - with a computer built into the rear stand of the chair and a monitor on some type of arm or swivel that simply opens up to except a person sitting down.

It would be exactly like the desk/chair combination that you see in most public schools only you’d be able to take the entire unit and move it from either one classroom to another or one place to another just as you would a monitor computer one piece combo.

This would make it very easy to install computer networks in areas where there previously was none. This would make it extremely easy to add remote learning stations or computer labs to schools. Especially now that computer towers are getting smaller and smaller as they get more powerful.


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Oh Boy ..... somebody took my old school desk and added a monitor to it .... and at that height you're guaranteed a stiff neck in no time!
Not only that, but when you look up instead of straight or down, a much higher percent of your eyes' surface is uncovered by the lids, causing eyestrain way faster.


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https://www.techspot.com/news/88266...ONW63V7e4m4P16Hal3wpPQ-rbvvxepGWAO4Y3PspeRBCU now thats a ekspensive 1 ee one. linuis made this one.
G o T chair but no series in 32:9 yet
game of thrones realistic sitting I game. if you tink 4k-8k are much. then go for this into the future. 2x 8k. that low 720-1080p will stay there a forever ages of em 4 too. linius did a 16k too on youtube
civ 4

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With the amount of support that ultrawide screen monitors currently get? Yeah me and my Nvidia surround 6060x1200 (bezel corrected) setup have decided to pass.
It's like VR, without proper developer support it's dead in the water. And developers simply don't want to support the tech any more. The only AAA game that's come out recently with good support was CoD MW.