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Built computer wont start

By blackecho101
Jul 26, 2009
  1. I built this computer in an old tower with a CPU, put a Intel D845EPI motherboard in it with a processor already attached that a friend traded me, he said it worked. Ive got it down to the basics with just the PSU and the motherboard and some ram. The LED on the motherboard comes on when i hook power to it through either of thr 2 PSUs im trying on it, but when i hit the power switch no fans turn and nothing happens. Ive even tried a new power switch and im very sure i followed the motherboards manual on setting up the front panel correctly. Can anyone think of what it could be? wouldnt the CPU fan turn for even a second if the ram was bad? Im at a loss... Thanks!
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  3. MattN

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    Make sure you don't directly screw the mobo to the case, you need cylinder screws between them, or the mobo will shorted and won't start.
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