Built-in webcam won't work

By TysonSnake
Jan 27, 2016
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  1. Device manager data in attached.

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  2. Cycloid Torus

    Cycloid Torus Stone age computing. Posts: 3,013   +658

    Says not connected. Check manual to see if it tells you how to connect.

    Device Name : Integrated Webcam
    Manufacturer : Microsoft
    Service : usbvideo
    Device Type Code : Image
    Device Type Name : Imaging devices
    Device Instance ID: USB\VID_05CA&PID_181A&MI_00\7&38ee4c21&0&0000
    Location : 0000.001d.0000.
    Capabilities : 0x000000a4
    Config Flags : 0x00000000
    Disabled : No
    Connected : No
    Device Registry Time 1: 9/2/2015 7:42:29 PM
    Device Registry Time 2: 1/23/2016 2:29:42 AM
    Drive Letter :
    Container ID : {00000000-0000-0000-ffff-ffffffffffff}
    Driver Description: USB Video Device
    Driver Version : 6.1.7601.18208
    .inf File : usbvideo.inf
    .inf Section : USBVideo.NT
    Driver Date : 6/21/2006
    Driver Registry Time: 9/2/2015 9:41:35 PM
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  3. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Did the Webcam ever work, if so the camera is probably bad
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