Bundle for Ukraine includes nearly 1,000 items for just $10

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In brief: Indie games platform itch.io has launched a colossal bundle of goodness consisting of nearly 1,000 products to raise money for charities aiding those in war-torn Ukraine. At just $10, it works out to roughly a penny per product.

The Bundle for Ukraine brings together work from more than 700 creators and consists of nearly 600 video games, more than 300 analog tabletop RPGs, and dozens of asset packs, books, zines, comics and soundtracks / music.

As an indie bundle, it’s likely that most of the content here will be new to you. In fact, itch.io said more than 600 of the products on offer have never been in a major bundle before.

That said, the company only allowed paid products to be included in the bundle, so it’s not just a valueless collection of freebies. What’s more, there are some well-known games on offer including Superhot, Skatebird and Celeste, among others. Cloud Gardens has me intrigued for some reason as well.

The Bundle for Ukraine is being offered through March 18. A donation of just $10 buys everything, although itch.io encourages shoppers to pay above the minimum if they can afford to do so. As of this writing, the average contribution is $14.68. The top contributor thus far shelled out $1,694.20. Collectively, everything in the bundle has a retail value of more than $6,500.

itch.io has already smashed its goal of $1 million with more than nine days to go.

Proceeds will be split equally between two charities. International Medical Corps provides medical assistance to those in needy regions, and is said to have a very low fundraising overhead with 89 percent of donations going directly to medical aid. Voices of Children helps kids cope with the horrors of war and PTSD, and getting back to simply being a kid.

Do note that itch.io isn’t offering Steam or other external keys for bundle purchases; only direct downloads of the DRM-free content will be available from itch.io.

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Games is what Ukraine is starving for now. Throw in some tank games while you're at it.
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So many games!

I really enjoyed A Short Hike. Celeste and Superhot alone are worth $10.


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I bought this yesterday - I added a bit more money - I been ranting on other threads - so less needed to show I'm prepared to give money . As for games - I think on game deals reddit - some people show what some of the better ones are .


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Only $10, or how They will soon call It in Russia, 1 billion rubles...

So many good Soviet jokes that apply soon to Russia.

A Russian wants to buy a pair of new shoes but mistakenly goes into a bakery, looks around and says: “You have no shoes here?”

The baker replies: “There are no shoes next door. In here we have no bread."