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Bungie president steps down, COO named chief executive

By Shawn Knight
Jan 28, 2016
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  1. Harold Ryan, longtime Bungie president, has stepped down from his position effective immediately. In his absence, the company's board of directors have promoted Pete Parsons from chief operating officer to chief executive officer.

    In a recent statement on the matter, Bungie said Parsons will be tasked with leading Bungie as they continue to develop experiences for Destiny. Parsons thanked Ryan for his friendship, passion, hard work and dedication in helping mold Bungie into the company it is today.

    The new CEO also addressed the fans, noting that his – and Bungie's – top priority is to deliver great games that they can all share together. He added that fans have yet to see the studio's best work and that his role will be to make that a reality.

    Bungie didn't disclose Ryan's reasons for stepping down nor did it address whether or not the 15-year veteran would remain with the company. Curiously enough, Bungie's press release didn't contain a statement from Ryan.

    As Forbes correctly highlights, Bungie has been a bit disorganized over the past few years. The studio hasn't had a true CEO and its former president was described as a leader that was seldom seen or heard. Rumors that Destiny 2 has been delayed from this fall to the spring of 2017 may have had something to do with the management shakeup as well but that's pure speculation at this point.

    Image courtesy Mat Hayward, Getty Images

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  2. veLa

    veLa TS Evangelist Posts: 851   +295

    No big deal. It's not like Bungie really created anything great after Halo. Destiny, at its very best, is but a grab bag of other game's elements.
    ikesmasher likes this.
  3. ghostf1re

    ghostf1re TS Maniac Posts: 365   +227

    I agree. I never really enjoyed Destiny for longer than like one week stretches here and there. I maxed out my character and did some raids, but it was all just a repetitive formula. I still think Halo is by far their best creation to date. Don't get me wrong, Destiny isn't a "bad" game, it just became the same thing over and over again and I really lost interest. I wish they would have taken a few more risks in creating something a little more unique.

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