Call Of Duty World At War Server Problems

By Brotherhood619
Aug 2, 2009
  1. Im pretty new to creating servers for games, but scince i know a few people who are starting to create there own servers i thought id jump on the bandwagon. (i knew id run into trouble) Server.htm
    I Followed this guide to help me along the way, and got to the point of starting the .exe file to start the server. The console came up and started running through the various procedures, then it suddenly becomes unresponsive at:

    "Loading Fastfile <whatever map i set as the first map>"

    after forcing the program to close i did the usual vista solutions, Compatability, Admin privilages but they didnt work, so i thought, change the starting map in the cfg. ran the .exe again and the server because unresponsive at the same point.

    Ive tried verifying the game cache (through steam), and searching on google for possible fixes and i cant seem to find anyone having the same problem.

    Can anyone think of what is going wrong or at least point me in the right direction? I'll upload my Cfg file if anyone thinks it will help (its only slightly modified).
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