Can a Game cause headache

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Jul 21, 2013
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  1. I have had a weird problem. I end up with headache when I play certain games. The headache starts after playing the particular game for few mins and when I stop the ache vanishes, the pain is mild. Usually I never have headaches. The games are from FPS genre. I have had this experience with about 4 games till now. But I have played many others for hours without any difficulty . You guys ever had any problem like this ?
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    Do any of the games you play have rapid illumination changes? Such as bright explosions in a dark environment. Other than illumination differences, I can't think of any reason why one game over another would cause issues.

    If you are like I am, using a bright monitor in a dark room will most certainly cause eye strain. The eye strain from what I can tell, is eye conditioning to darker areas around the monitor as well as the monitor. I'm forced to keep additional lighting around the monitor, to help condition my eyes in an attempt to avoid headaches. The best example is probably high beams on an automobile. Are high beams worse on the eye at night or during the day?
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    Had a little eye strain while gaming .I never gamed in a dark room always lights on. I tried for patterns really couldn't come up with much. But one thing common could be dark closed environments like inside building/spacecraft with very poor lighting. But environment was a forest or a city road at night time still no problem. About the high beams of automobile I do find them difficult if the light comes straight on the eyes at nights.
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    Yes, games cause headaches. They are a form of reality which is not normal, so the human body has adverse effects to it.

    Read up on Field of View (FOV) on wikipedia, and find out how to adjust it in your FPS game. This IMO is the biggest source of headache in FPS games.
  5. Jad Chaar

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    If you have motion blur on, it increases the risk for a headache.
  6. hitech0101

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    Thanks for the help guys will try it out.

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