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Mar 10, 2008
  1. Hello just want to ask., i have 2 computer and i want to replace my other hard disk (a use one) to the other one. is it just plug and tart or i have to do other things?
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    You can add, not switch. And please don't cross post, now I have to go back to another thread and delete your post and my reply.
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    Your hard drive has your operating system, data and software on it. If you replace the hard drive, you will need to reinstall Windows, reinstall your software and copy your personal data back over to it.

    Other than that, it can be pretty straight forward.

    If you have an IDE drive (uses the wide, flat cable with a bunch of pins) you may need to pay attention to master/slave settings. If your new drive is installed on its own cable, then it should be set to master or single master (if this is available). If the cable is shared between two drives, you need one to be master (probably your new drive) and your other to be a slave.

    To change master/slave settings, you'll need to move around the little plastic things in the back of the drive (called jumpers) which fit over two pins at a time. Depending on where that jumper is located, you can set it up appropriately.

    If you have a SATA drive (a small, thin, flat cable with an L shaped connector) then no jumper configuration is necessary.
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    im sorry for cross post., so i cant switch my hdd but an i use my other hdd as my master since it have a better version of windows and bigger drive?
  5. luckystrike

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    the hard drive that is going to be use is also an old one but has windows os already do i still need to reformat it again?
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