Can not find nor create system drive?

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Jul 30, 2011
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  1. Hi there I'm having a serious problem with my computer :(

    I had windows 7 and windows xp both installed on separate partitions and would dual boot between the two (I would get a menu at boot-up). Last night I deleted the windows xp partition because I no longer used that OS so though I would get rid of it.

    When I rebooted my windows 7 isn't detected. I put in the win7 install disc and ran the repair wizard (even though it detected to OS installed). It said there was no system partition and said it repaired the problem but it was still the same.

    So I created another small partition thinking that if i installed another win7 it would find the other installation and give me a boot menu to choose between the two. But when I try to pick the partition to install to in the win7 setup it says that it can neither find nor create a system partition :(

    I don't know what to do, can someone help please?

    EDIT: I don't want to install another win7, I want to boot into the installation already on my computer.

  2. gbhall

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    Because you actually deleted the XP partition, you also destroyed the boot mechanism for Win7. You can (fairly) easily create a new boot sector using free tool easybcd, but do not do anything more until someone pops in with instructions.

    You will not need another partition and you will not need to install 'another Win7' but all these things you are doing rather randomly will inevitably destroy your system sooner or later. Do nothing more until someone pops in with instructions
  3. childofthetao

    childofthetao TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 159

    I know that I can fix the problem with easybcd, but how to use it with no working OS to boot into?

    EDIT: Bugger. On the EasyBCD site they had a windows 7 repair ISO but the downloads have been removed pending copyright reasons. Does anyone happen to have this iso? I really need it.

    EDIT 2: Will anything on Hiren's Boot CD help? I have that disc.

    EDIT 3: I managed to find the NeoSmart Repair Disc, I'm gonna try it.

    EDIT 4: I can't try the Neosmart cd until later (no blank discs). I booted into Easeus Partition Master (for the Rebuild MBR option) but it is greyed out. Why would that be greyed out? Maybe it can't see any MBR?
  4. childofthetao

    childofthetao TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 159

    The Neobytes disc is simply the repair feature on the windows 7 disc, so it didn't work. But I think that if I move my partition so there is free space at the beginning of the drive windows can create the necessary system partition. My partition is moving as I type so I'll find out later if it works.
  5. childofthetao

    childofthetao TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 159

    It didn't work. I just re-installed Windows.

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