Can somebody help me with my computer problem?

By Keeper
Mar 3, 2010
  1. hello... my computer is restarting after, lets say around 10 mins or so. I don't know what is the real problem. I thought my hd is overheating or something because my fan at the side of the casing (don't know what its called) is not working--not yet repaired. But come to think of it it's early to think that it's overheating. Sometimes when I play, in the middle of loading mode it is restarting. Also when I tried to watch an online video. By the way, my pc is pentium 4 2.4ghz/ 1 gig memory/ 256 video card and an asus board...
    I hope somebody can hepl me with my problem... Thanx! ^_^
  2. Archean

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    Does it just restarts or is it giving you blue screen of death i.e. BSOD before it reboots?

    Also check in your C:\windows\minidump folder that whether there are minidump files being recorded by windows.

    If it is not giving BSOD/or recording minidumps, you need to do this:

    1. Right Click on my computer
    2. Go to Advanced tab
    3. In System Failure section, check Write an event to the system log and uncheck Automatically Restart.
    4. Ensure that Kernel memory dump is selected in Write debugging information.
    5. Uncheck Overwrite any existing file.
    6. Click OK twice.
  3. Appzalien

    Appzalien TS Rookie Posts: 94

    Under normal circumstances I would say overheating myself but not the hard drive, the cpu. If the heat sink fan combo on top of your cpu is clogged with dust dirt and pet hair, you will need to blow it out with canned compressed air. And, to do a bangup job, you might have to remove the fan housing to really clean the fins of the heat sink well. After your done, tilt the box and blow the dust out of the PC case as well from top down. If you find that your cpu sink is clogged you can bet your video card fan sink is too (if you have a card installed anyway, onboard video is not a problem).
  4. natefalk

    natefalk TS Rookie Posts: 78

    I would agree with Appzalien. It sounds like your CPU is overheating. Make sure your CPU cooler has good airflow going through it and that the CPU fan is still spinning.

    If you remove the CPU Cooler to clean it, you will have to clean-off and then reapply the thermal paste.
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