Cannot Get Rid of old Icons Appearing

By merfman
Sep 12, 2008
  1. a while back i completed the steps to follow to remove a virus from my computer. so after i completed all the steps and got rid of the virus and that, all the programs that were downloaded in the process were unistalled from my computer, becuase i never needed them anymore. so my computer was back to normal and all the downloaded programs (SS&D, AVG, CCleaner, AVG Spyware, etc.) were removed, but a few days ago after i restarted my computer the icons for a few of these programs showed up.

    So my question is, is there a way to check and see if i removed these programs completely (for example - anywhere in the registry)? becuase i can't seem to find anything when i search for the program name.

    thank-you for any help.
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    I think you are misunderstanding what was removed. As far as I know, only those specific programs you downloaded and installed for the malware cleaning were removed- not all of your security programs.

    SS&D and AVG v8 has both AV and Spyware. CCleaner is used AVG Spyware is a part of the AVG v8 program. So if these were programs you were using, there shouldn't have been removed.

    To check to see what is installed:
    Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs>> if you see AVG, Spybot Search & Destroy there, they are your programs and should remain, be updated and used for regular scans. Whether you want to keep CCleaner or not is up to you.

    You can also right click on any of those icons> Properties>> if it's a shortcut for the program> click on Find Target. Another way to confirm the programs presence.

    What security programs do you want to have on your system? Antivirus? At least 2 spyware/adware programs? Firewall?
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