Cannot locate a missing driver online

By BowenShade
Jul 4, 2010
  1. Several days ago I had to restore my computer because of some stupid SP3 download, restoring might have been a drastic measure but thats besides the point. The fact is I restored my Windows XP system and lost a video driver that I'm guessing might explain why games I download don't work anymore, except for Star Craft so far. It also makes my computer screen super choppy when scrolling on the internet. I think I'm missing a video driver with the title of Video Controller (VGA compatible) I've spent days trying to get the dam thing back and I'm furious that I can't fix it.

    The last time I went through a system restore I got lucky and downloaded something that fixed my problem. I hope you guys can help me because so far no one has been able to. This site seems to be filled with the people I should have asked form the start rather than get pissed off with days of trying to fix this. My video card is SiS86C202 I believe, if you needed to know that.

    Also I don't have any disks so thats why I am scrutinizing the internet.
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  3. raybay

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    Or start your search at as they may have a more active search block. Last time I looked, their system was dead when you tried to search for drivers, but that is unusual.
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    You'll hopefully find the driver you need online.. but, just in case, it may be worthwhile to create a backup image of your current hard drive at this moment in time (which is a good idea anyway if you don't do regular backups anyway) google EASUS Todo backup

    In worst case (i've done it before, is a pain, but still a good last ditch effort when needed and online searching for driver fails)..

    > doing image backup now let's you preserve your current restore points
    > Then if drivers not available online, you can hopefully you restore to an existing restore point where the video driver is installed
    > Then you can use a tool that exports drivers from your restored Windows system to a flash drive (using a tool like DriverMax)
    > Then restore the HD image back to where you are now
    > Import the needed driver from the flash drive

    You want to image your HD sooner then later as, over time and at some point, since restore point space gets reused, you want to image the drive while you still have a restore point containing the needed driver
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