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Cannot pass mem test after reboot

By sistereinstein
Jun 12, 2009
  1. hoping for some ideas...I was trying to clean out some unused,unwanted programs (through program manager) when suddenly it went into reboot mode

    I had not intended on rebooting until I was finished removing all programs, but to be honest I don't know what the last program was I removed before this.

    The bootup screen shows
    Main Processor, Inten Penium 4 3.0 gz <cpuid: Patch ID0000>

    which tells me that it gets hung up on the memory test.

    can anyone offer advice on what my next step is...I cannot get into xpress reovery mode,
    and when I hit F9 with the bootup the computer shuts off.

    Any ideas would be really, really appreciated.

    ** update - problem fixed ***

    While researching, the CMOS topic kept appearing, and found the following instruction

    what i did is underlined,italicised, and bolded - and this worked right away

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