Canon shows off prototype image sensor that can see in the dark

By Shawn Knight ยท 4 replies
Mar 5, 2013
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  1. Canon is actively developing a video sensor that is able to see in the dark with just a smidgen of light. The sensor collects light by using very large pixels that have 7.5 times the surface area of the ones...

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  2. TS-56336

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    Another technique used by still cameras is dark frame subtraction, after recording the image, the shutter is closed and another image of equal exposure time is taken, and subtracted from the original. Some noise tends to remain fairly constant, at least between two successive shots. This is partly why a DSLR set to expose for 10s will spend another 10s 'processing'.
  3. avioza

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    Very cool. I always wanted clear shots of a starry sky. I wonder how expensive this sensor is to reproduce.
  4. misor

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    I don't know how night vision goggles work but if this canon technology becomes cheap, readily available, and easily manufactured/incorporated into nvg systems, then I'm so :)
  5. Tygerstrike

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    Well it would be considered new tech so its going to be pricey. Much like any new item that we as the consuming public find interesting. The price point wont drop for about a year maybe two. Then it will be standard in damn near every camera and phone. It will even be a selling point for phones, we have the best low light pictures. We will then see a slew of manufaturers trying to find ways for this tech to improve existing tech. So on its face this is a great idea, but we are several years from seeing this hit our local stores.

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