Can't acces my bios

By elviscow
Sep 29, 2015
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  1. Ok. So the problem is that I want to install windows 7 from a us. But I need to go to settings and make it bootable from us. And that setting just had to be in my bios. And for some reason I can not get into bios no matter how many times I try. It have never been a problem before I actually needed it. It seems that the fast boot up setting is enabled. Because pc starts up fast and just shows a plain black screen with the letters MSI. It's supposed to have a red background with picture of a dragon and stuff. When it starts I can enter my pc normally by typing my password. But I'm unable to install any updates and stuff like that because it says I have no Internet connection. Even tho I can go to websites and play online like normal. And the most annoying thing is that I have no sound... and yes. I have checked that my sound card works properly... how do I fix this?
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