Can't boot from CD, PGP encryption starts then goes to BSD

By Jskid
Jun 10, 2013
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  1. I've got an old x61 Lenovo Thinkpad. It doesn't have a CD drive itself but I have it in a docking station that has CD drive. I want to boot into Linux System Rescue CD and from there run Daric's Boot And Nuke. When I boot the computer it doesn't boot from the CD and goes to the PGP encryption prompting for the password (which luckily I have). When I enter the password it asks me if I want to boot into "Microsoft Windows XP Professional - Lab V2.0" or "Microsoft Windows Recovery Console". If I chose the first it goes straight to a blue screen of death saying STOP: 0x0000007B. If I choose the Recovery Console it begins to load and shows the progress bar and get's all the way and then shows the blue screen of death. How can I boot from the CD?

    In the BIOS I have the boot priority order set to:
    1. USB CD
    2. USB FDD
    3. ATAPI CD 1
    4. ATAPI CD 0
    5. ATA HDD0: ST9100821AS-(S1)
    6. PCI LAN: IBA GE SLOT 00c8 v1245
    7. -USB HDD
    8. ATA HDD1
    Excluded from boot order: ATA HDD2
  2. Tmagic650

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    There is not much else we can tell you on this. Sometimes it is best to stop trying
  3. Jskid

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    That is a very valid response. Thanks.
  4. SubashNF

    SubashNF TS Rookie

    Mine is a Lenovo with PGP encryption. I've to press enter to bypass the normal startup in the starting window (Motherboard logo screen, before the PGP password window) and then pressing F12 in 5secs will open the 'Temporarily boot from' option and I can select my CD/DVD drive and boot the disc in it. Hope that helps.

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