Can't connect to server

By damje210
Sep 15, 2009
  1. I have an HP DL380 server with Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2 with 2 NICs. One is labeled FTP and one is Local Area Connection. This server is used for my company website and for my company ftp server for my customers to upload files to. I use a product from Ipswitch software for the ftp part. We have a partial DS3 (T3) line (24 meg) and the NICs are 1gig each. My customers frequently have problems connecting to either the website or the ftp site and when they do I go to the server and do a repair connection and then they are able to connect. Another issue also is that when they upload large files, say 80mb or larger their system freezes and never fully uploads. If anyone here has any info or suggestions it would help greatly and I would be very thankful. I have been spinning my wheels on this issue trying to figure out what the problem is. I know ftp can be tricky sometimes between firewalls and routers and servers and etc. Please help.
    Thanks, Dan
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    suggest solving this first inside the infrastructure to get it smooth and then address
    access across the firewall.

    use one of your internal systems to access both servers (ftp + web) just like a client would do -- including a very large file. The need for one 80mb file is questionable -- is that some zip archive?
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    Can't connect

    This is for a commercial printer and we deal with large files due to images being high res and some files being 400 page books with lots of images so 80MB zip archives are regular and some files tend to be 200-300mb at times. What I don't understand is that some customers never have an issue uploading files and some always have issues. Any suggestions regarding how to solve this inside the infrastructure. I realize that is where I need to look but am just not sure if it is a nic on the server issue, a bandwidth issue, and ftp issue, firewall issue or any other that it could be.
  4. jobeard

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    ok, I understand the environment -- wife does Desktop Pub :)

    Issue is to 'divide and conquer' -- working on the INSIDE will remove doubts of your
    setup + enquipment, albeit sans the firewall and intervening routers.

    You should have several 80mb+ files to play with, so move one as close to the firewall
    as possible and FTP from there. Maybe run two or more files uploading at the same time. Obviously you need sufficient free space on the FTP server to avoid that kind of issue.

    Once the Infrastructure is 'proven', the only thing left is the path from the clients and
    their equip+software, which you have no control over.

    Start a log of date, time, client, and client's IP address which are having such issues.

    You can then at least use tracert or pathping to test those
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