Can't enter BIOS


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Hi, I have a custom pc, and I am trying to turn of the automatic fan control (so I can use speedfan to control the fan speeds). to do this, I need to enter the BIOS, but I cant.

when I boot, my pc tells me to press DEL to enter bios, and I do, and... nothing

cue 10 , minutes restarting and mashing the hell out of my keyboard. still nothing.

I dont have a fn key to press, its a standard keyboard, no special bios, just the standard asus bootscreen.

any help?!?


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What kind of bios you have is it AMI BIOS, AWARD BIOS, PHOENIX BIOS ETC, try pressing f2 button..


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I've had that trouble. For me it was the USB keyboard. For some reason or other it's not detected on startup. I used a wired keyboard and it worked.


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Try entering your your bios after a complete shutdown of windows. Then restarting windows. Some PC will not boot into the bios on just a restart of windows.
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Philip Booth

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I also think that using the USB keyboard often becomes troublesome as it is not detected.Try using a PS\2 keyboard as it will solve your problem.