Can't find driver for samsung syncmaster 720td

By RRayZz
Jun 5, 2009

    Hi, ive just purchased the samsung syncmaster 720TD monitor for my computer. Its kind of like a touchscreen graphics monitor with included pen.

    using the pen doesnt work and when i insert the USB cable that is connected from the monitor to my PC it says its some kind of GENERIC monitor.

    ive been trying to surf the net for drivers but have no success. EVEN the samsung website does not have any of these related drivers towards the syncmaster 720TD. if anyone can help on some suggestions on how to obtain the driver, please post! ive tried the other sites with the SO CALLED SAMSUNG DRIVERS for the samsung syncmaster 720TD but i have no success, the drivers downloaded were just some kind of software that led me to download more software
  2. red1776

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  3. RRayZz

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    Thanks for the help red1776
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