Can't install nvidia GeForce 6100 drivers after XP Inistall

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Mar 5, 2009
  1. Out of the box:
    AMD A64 X2 3600+ 2.0GHz AM2 CPU
    2GB PC5400 667MHz DDR2 Dual Channel Memory (1GB x 2) K9N6SGM-V MCP61 mATX Motherboard
    nvidia GeForce 6100 video chip set on logic board
    Microsoft Windows Vista Business

    What someone else did:
    Installed Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2
    Installed Service Pack 3
    Installed DirectX

    Then I came along where the user was complaining about everything redraws slow. When a window is moved the video is very sluggish, same with scrolling in IE. I looked in the Device Manager and there are no Display adapters or Monitors listed. I then looked at "Other" where there is a question mark with the following:
    Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

    I tried upgrading the video drivers with the drivers cd that came with the system.
    I downloaded the latest drivers off nvidia's web site. Rev 178.13
    I have tried 5 different drivers I have found on the net.
    I tried letting the wizard find the driver, I directed the wizard and I choose the driver myself and all came up with the same error message... "The specified loaction does not contain information about your hardware" or "The wizard could not find the software on your computer for Video Controller (VGA Compatible)".

    I tried searching the net and can't find any previous issues that can help me.
    I looked in the inf file and the 6100 is listed in there for the installer.

    I called the support people of the computer and they said the registry is either locked or I need to go back to Windows Vista Business. They said the drivers should work with Windows XP Pro. One rep recommended reinstalling the chip set drivers. I did so, tried the installation and that did nothing. I still have the same error.

    There are no nvidia software listed in the "Add/Remove" Control Panel.
    I downloaded "Driver Cleaner" and installed it. I ran "Cab Cleaner". I ran "Driver Cleaner", after choosing nVidia drivers. It said it removed them. I rebooted, tried updating the hardware and got the same error "The wizard could not find the software on your computer for Video Controller (VGA Compatible)".

    I am at a loss. Does anyone have any idea's? Can I install the drivers manually and if so how?

    The individual who upgraded this cpu did this per corporate, so it has to stay with the upgrade. I really do not want to have to spend the time trouble shooting the removal and reinstallation of Windows XP Pro and SP3.

    Any help would be of great appreciation.

    Thanks for your time, Guy.
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    I figured it out

    Thanks for the help. I found out that the tech support that came with the computer game me the wrong info on the graphics chip. It is not a nvidia GeForce 6100 it is a UniChrome Pro IGP (K8M800). I found this out by using a nice utility I found, Wins3id.exe. It reads the info of the chip. Once I had this I then used Everest to direct me to the company that makes the chip. I then matched up the info I got from Wins3id.exe and down loaded the drivers. I then installed, rebooted and now it works great. I hope this helps anyone else. Guy.
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    Ok, the support page for the K9N6SGM-V / K9N6PGM-FI / K9N6PGM-F motherboards only gives the vga driver as NVIDIA MCP61 Graphics Controller Driver, which is part of the chipset driver link I gave earlier - strange ...

    I'm glad you've fixed it Guy ;)
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