Can't play Counter Strike Condition Zero on Windows Vista

By sr33kr
Feb 20, 2011
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  1. Hi,

    Condition Zero doesn't work anymore on my Windows Vista 64-bit OS. I played CS on the same laptop awhile back and it worked fine but now after reinstalling it I can't seem to play it.

    When run normally I would get

    "Available memory less than 15MB! "

    I have found that CS needs to run in Compatibility mode in order for it to work but when run Windows XP(Service Pack 2) Compatibility mode, I would get the Loading screen and it would remain like that for hours. And when I open the task manager it would show that the program is not responding.

    I have searched over the internet bu can't seem to find a solution for my problem. Please help me out. Thanks.
  2. jeremy1982

    jeremy1982 TS Rookie Posts: 69

    alot these older games don't like vista for some reason! I had the same problem you had and switch back to xp and the game ran perfectly!!

    its like i have to much ram for the game and it cant handle it!! the first halo would lag in vista but when i played it in xp the game ran smooth!!

    and im running at 4 gigs of ram with 3.2 dual processor!!

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