Can't reinstall windows xp, help a girl out

By jtipton
Jul 22, 2009
  1. Hopefully I am in the right spot. I believe I got a virus on my computer, after I downloaded something a friend sent I was no longer able to get on the internet. This is my first time formatting this pc and my problem may be because we had additional memory added at one point. I have an xp home upgrade disc that I have successfully used to format our laptop, but when I try to install on pc it is telling me that a newer version of windows already exsists. Even though the pc also has xp home. I also cannot boot from the CD. It prompts at startup to hit any key to boot from cd but that does not work. I have tried del, f3, every key. It does not work. I have also tried formatting from cmd and it is telling me that a volume is still in use. It asks if I want to force the format and I say Y but it still cannot close the volume. I am at a loss. I have even gone as far as deleting all of the files from the pc (which I know doesn't really delete them) and nothing.
    I have tried making a boot "CD" but every site that I go to and click on download "CD" it still wants a floppy. I guess I need to find a caveman and use one of his.
    Has anyone had this problem? Can anyone help?
  2. strategic

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    In your case you probably have at least SP2 already installed and you're trying to upgrade to SP1, it can't happen. Even if you were to uninstall the service packs, it will still recognize the o/s as being newer. Sorry this isn't the answer you're looking for. Either you'll have to use the o/s restore disk that was supplied with your pc, or do a system restore altogether.
  3. jtipton

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    It will not allow me to do a system restore and I don't have a restore disk.
    What's the best site to download a boot disk for xp
  4. strategic

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