Can't See IDE HDD

By Clinkzehffs
Aug 29, 2008
  1. I had a P4P800-X board with 3 HDDs 400gb sata/250gb sata/120gb IDE and they were working fine then one day it fried so i had to change it with a P4P8X one and it was fine at first sight I could see 3 harddisks but it recognized some drivers named Primary IDE Channel and Secondary IDE Channel so I restarted the computer and tada... The IDE harddisk was gone! I can see all HDD s in BIOS but IDE is gone in windows and also in Computer Management. So I Disabled and Removed one of the IDE Channels because there were conflicts with IRQ / I/O but there is now no conflicts since the remove but still cant see the harddisk in windows :/ Help please

    Edit: I runned Steam.exe to play some CS 1.6 while bored and in a minute the other harddisk was gone aswell. (The 250gb SATA one) And that happened with my old board aswell and it fried just after it... WTF <.< Help :(

    Edit2: My MSN was on that disk aswell and i chatted for a long time but now it just exited and i cant open again cuz the disk is invisible now oO...
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