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Sep 19, 2010
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  1. Meh... idk if Techspot is the place to be asking this, or if this is the right forum anyway... but I am ordering new speakers for my car today, I was wondering if anyone could tell me which would be better:

    If the second ones are better I would pay the 6 dollars more for them, but if the first ones are comparable or better, or if the second ones arent worth it, then I would go with em. Or if anyone has cheap alternatives that would be better than what I listed ( 600033149&IsNodeId=1&name=4" x 6" is the NewEgg page for 4x6 speakers) please let me know. I know there are some nice 80 dollar alpines, kenwoods, and pioneers up there, but money is kinda tight for me right now, so I would much rather something sub-40.
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    to be honest neither of those, they both suck haha tell me what your setup is please like the AMP in your car? I recommend kenwood, alpine, or kicker.
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    Well, you see... I am not that sure -_- I will tell you what I know and why I want to replace the speakers though.

    The car is a 95 Infiniti G20 (Leather, tan). The front speakers are stock, and though my dad objects (he does all the work to my car, I am learning about it), the speakers still have the harness on them. The left front speaker is completely blown out. The right front one sounds like it is too but we haven't taken that door panel off yet. AFAIK the tweeters work fine. front dimensions are 4x6 oval

    Rear - Pioneer Premier 4" circle. Right rear works like a charm. Left one has no sound when it is hooked up. THE SPEAKER IS GOOD THOUGH. I have connected it to the OTHER speaker's leads and it works fine, leading me to believe that a) either there is a bad wiring connection somewhere down the line, and/or b) the "brick" amp is bad. My dad said that is not uncommon for it to happen (G20's have 2 "brick" amps mounted on the underside of the parcel shelf).

    Radio - Pioneer DEH 2200UB. Radio is absolutely fantastic.

    I know kenwood and alpine would be good to go with (pioneer as well?) havent heard much about kicker though. Problem is though, my (and everyone else) work hours are cut a bit so I am making roughly half the money I was before (college student). So right now I am trying to avoid having to drop 80 for two speakers.

    How about those? The first one has a clarion picture but is listed as "Coustic", the second is clarion, the third is JVC. Though slightly more expensive, these look to have a better frequency response, but the Coustic ones dont have an Impedance listed. Other than that... Im lost as heck

    For the record, if this will aid in the assistance you give me, I am a metal head. I love metal. I like it deep, I like it strong, I like it loud, but still importantly I like it to be clear. I want an all around good speaker, one with good bass but wont blow out if I turn it up past 5 >_> I know little about car audio, my dad knows more about it than I do but even he doesnt know enough. So hopefully you could help me out? =D Also, given the type of music I like what am I looking for in a speaker? I dont know the difference between any of the stuff except for the frequency response and impedance (less hz and more khz sounds better, and the higher impedance the better, no?)

    Thank you so much for your help

    And for the record... this is a pre owned car. My dad and I have put a lot of time into this to get it where it is right now and it STILL needs stuff done with it. Despite that, it is still a good car. Bad speakers though XD
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    just bolt in 4 new pioneer 2-ways and done. i have a pioneer deck and only about $100 worth of speakers in my car and they sound great.

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