CDfs? need file format to play in my car

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Hi All
Was trying to burn a cd to play in my car, I have put them in mwa. formats but they will play but no sound comes out.I have got a cd that does play and checked properties on it and it says that its a cdfs file format, Now what format can I change the files into that will play in my car please?
Cheers Bill


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If your car doesn't support MP3 or WMA formats, convert the files to .WAV first and then burn as an audio CD.
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What model CD Player?
Sorry so late posting back, have been away for a few days

the info on the player in the car is as follows

On the front pannel player: VDO DAYTON
In side where you put the tape is:CR3200
on the 6 CD Changer is: Digital output6 disc text, CH 0600

Thanks for your help
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