Cdrom does not work

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Oct 28, 2009
  1. Yes its a cd rom 8 year old cd rom . It does not detect any cd inserted in it. It is my friend's computer it is running on 128 mb RAM 0.8 Ghz Pentium III . I know that he should replace it the entire PC but he wants to run it .Is there a solution to this. It is a 52x cd rom.
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    If you put a boot disc in the CD drive, (ie like any Windows disc) and the CD reads, then its not the drive but possibly your Windows version (Win98 ?)

    I know this may sound a little offensive, but I threw away about 4 complete working computers with slightly (ever so) specs than your friend's computer
    If you go to any computer tech shop they may even give you one for a couple of dollars (which is obviously too much ;))
  3. hitech0101

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    The thing is he wants to buy a new machine in a few months so he wants it to work till then & we tried the win xp boot disc it is the only cd we have rest all are dvds they don't work any way.His PC loads till the welcome screen & it reboots that is why need the cd drive to perform a repair . It is fine if you can tell any other way to repair the PC even when we try safe mode the PC reboots.
  4. kimsland

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    Have you set CD as the first boot drive in Bios Settings? (usually press DEL key at system startup, but can be some F# key too, like F2)
    Mind you, that old PC may not even have CD as an option to boot from in Bios settings :D
  5. hitech0101

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    My friend did format the PC once so i assume CD is the boot drive
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